Concerts up to February 1966

February 12, 1966


c. 1960 – weekly Jazz Workshop sessions by Mike Westbrook’s Band at the Plymouth Arts Centre

1962 – Mike Westbrook’s Band at the Plymouth Arts Festival. The line-up of the band at this time is uncertain (and probably fluctuating) but included Mike Westbrook (trumpet), John Surman (baritone) and Keith Rowe (guitar) plus tenor, trombone, piano, bass, drums. Westbrook relocates to London late ’62, followed by Surman and Rowe.

Alan Jackson (drums), Lou Gare (tenor) and Mike Osborne (alto) join by Spring 1963. Gigs at The Marquee and the Richmond Community Centre jazz club, and at The Mercury Theatre, Notting Hill.

Feb 1965 afternoon concert and evening dance at Dartington Hall. Six concerts in Plymouth before late 1965; weekly sessions at the Royal College of Art and the ICA Gallery in late ’65. By this time the line-up was Mike Westbrook, John Surman (baritone and soprano saxes), Henry Lowther (trumpet), Mike Osborne (alto sax), Lou Gare (tenor sax), Ken McCarthy (piano), Tom Bennellick (French horn, tuba), Malcolm Griffiths (trombone), Keith Rowe (guitar), Lawrence Sheaff (bass) and Alan Jackson (drums). Lowther replaced by Alan Ellis before the end of 1965. A six week club engagement at a club in Looe, Cornwall.

12 February 1966 – Padgate Jazz Festival, Mike Westbrook Big Band, the Keith Rowe Quartet and the John Surman Quartet


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