Peter Lemer Quintet – ‘Local Colour’ session

April 23, 1966

Recorded by Eddie Kramer at KPS Sound Studios, London, April 2nd & 23rd, 1966. Unissued

George (Nisar Ahmad) Khan, tenor sax; John Surman, baritone and soprano sax, bass clarinet; Peter Lemer, piano; Tony Reeves, bass; John Stevens, drums.

The stagger (Lemer) 10:25

Ictus (C. Bley) 8:40

Discharge (group imp.)  3:27

unknown title 3:16

unknown title 4:27

Carmen (Lemer) 7:36

These were preliminary sessions for the album ‘Local Colour’. The Quintet recorded a further session on May 22nd, 1966 (& May 5th?) with Jon Hiseman replacing John Stevens on drums and this was the date released on ESP S 1057. These April recordings suffer from distortion in places, particularly affecting the piano, which might explain why the session was rejected.


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