Peter Lemer Quintet – ‘Local Colour’

May 22, 1966

Recorded May 22 1966, London ESP-Disk 1057 [LP/CD]; Getback [LP/CD]

George Nisar Ahmad Khan, tenor saxophone; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Peter Lemer, piano; Tony Reeves, bass; John Hiseman, drums

Ictus (Carla Bley) 6:52

City (Lemer) 7:38

Flowville (Lemer) 7:30

In The Out (Lemer) 9:20

Carmen (Lemer) 10:35

Enahenado (Lemer) 2:50

Out-takes known to survive (unissued):

Ictus [Take 1 – inc] (Carla Bley)

Ictus [End section – re-takes] (Carla Bley)

Flowville [False start] (Lemer)

Flowville [Take 2 – inc] (Lemer)

Flowville [End section – re-takes 1-2] (Lemer)

Carmen [Take 1] (Lemer)

Carmen [Take 2 – unedited] (Lemer)

In The Out [False start] (Lemer)

In The Out [Take 2] (Lemer)

Unknown Title (Lemer)


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