August 10, 1968

Mike Westbrook Band – 10 August 1968, 8th National Jazz & Blues Festival, Kempton Park Racecourse, Sunbury-on-Thames. Reviewed by Dave Illingworth in Jazz Journal 21/9 (September 1968): “The Saturday afternoon programme was devoted to jazz, with the Mike Westbrook Band opening up with an abbreviated version of a suite entitled ‘Release’. This was a dig at pop music, (taking in Flying Home and Mama Too Tight on the way) during the course of which the band out-rocked all other comers, thanks to the drive of Alan Jackson, the trombones and saxes. The idea of the suite may have been a tongue-in-cheek one, but proved as Shepp and Mingus have done before, that hard blowing over tough R&B backing can be an exciting prospect.” Westbrook (pno); Dave Holdsworth (tpt/flg-h); Paul Rutherford, Malcolm Griffiths (tbn); John Surman (bari/sop); Mike Osborne (alt); Bernie Living (alt); Nisar Ahmed Khan (ten); Harry Miller (bs); Alan Jackson (dm).


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