NDR Jazz Workshop No. 60 -To Blow Your Mind

January 24, 1969

To Blow Your Mind – NDR radio broadcast

recorded January 24, 1969 Großer Sendesaal des Funkhauses Studio 10, Hamburg; NDR Jazz Workshop No. 60 unissued

Bernard Vitet, trumpet, flugelhorn; Eje Thelin, trombone; Rolf Kühn, clarinet, alto sax; Heinz Sauer, soprano and tenor sax; Barney Wilen, soprano and tenor sax; John Surman, baritone sax; Joachim Kühn, piano, organ; Mimi Lorenzini, guitar; Günter Lenz, electric bass; Jean François Jenny-Clark, bass; Aldo Romano, drums; Stu Martin, drums, percussion

El Dorado (J.Kühn) 8:00

Rhythm one (Thelin) 5:40

Invention for 6 and 1 (R.Kühn) 8:00

Shadows (J.Kühn) 7:40

Skandal (J.Kühn) 10:25

Noninka (Martin) 9:41

Blues (Surman) 7:34

Circus (R. Kühn) 6:27

Dur Dur Dur (Wilen) 6:23

Atlantis (Thelin) 4:56

To Your Father (J. Kühn) 4:50

Revised Edition (Surman) 7:05

To Blow Your Mind (J. Kühn) 10:53



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