‘Michael Gibbs’

December 1, 1969

‘Michael Gibbs’

Recorded September-December 1969, London Deram 1063 (UK) [LP], Deram 844907-2 (UK) [CD] Vocalion CDLK4253 (UK) [2CD]

collective personnel: John Wilbraham, Derek Watkins, Ken Wheeler, Henry Lowther, Nigel Carter, Ian Hamer, Maurice Miller, trumpet, fluegelhorn; Cliff Hardie, Chris Pyne, Bobby Lambe, David Horler, Ray Premru, Ken Goldy, Maurice Gee, trombone; Alan Civil, Valerie Smith, Nicolas Busch, Jim Buck Jr., french horn; Dick Hart, Martin Fry, tuba; John Surman, Alan Skidmore, Ray Warleigh, Tony Roberts, Mike Osborne, Duncan Lamont, Barbara Thompson, reeds; Fred Alexander, Alan Ford, cello; Chris Spedding, Ray Russell, Phil Lee, guitars; Mick Pyne, Bob Cornford, keyboards; Jack Bruce, Brian Odgers, bass guitar; John Marshall, Tony Oxley, drums; Frank Ricotti, percussion; Michael Gibbs, arranger, conductor

Family Joy, Oh Boy! (Gibbs) 8:49

Some Echoes, Some Shadows (Gibbs) 9:03

Liturgy / Feelings And Things (Gibbs) 8:29

Sweet Rain (Gibbs) 6:18

Nowhere (Gibbs) 8:01

Throb (Gibbs) 3:55

And On The Third Day (Gibbs) 10:08

Jazz Journal review; advert; another advert; The Vocalion 2-CD set includes both this record and ‘Michael Gibbs: Tanglewood 63’ (for details of which see below)


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