Portal/Surman/Phillips/Martin/Drouet – ‘Alors!!!’

January 27, 1970

Portal/Surman/Phillips/Martin/Drouet – ‘Alors!!!’

Recorded January 27, 1970, Arsonor Studio, Paris Futura GER12 (France) [LP/CD]; Musica MUS 2001 (France) [LP]

Michel Portal, alto saxophone, bass clarinet; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Barre Phillips, bass; Stu Martin, drums; Jean-Pierre Drouet, percussion

Oo Bam Ba Deep (Phillips) 5:20

Billie The Kid (Martin) 1:55

Yes, Oh Yes, You Wonderous Sun-Kissed Maiden! (Surman) 14:10

Ca Boom? (Phillips) 0:57

Y En A Marre (Portal) 5:35

Undercurrent (Surman) 5:30

New Peace (Phillips) 1:55

Ca Boom! (Phillips) 7:45

second pressing on Musica, with this sleeve


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