The John Surman Trio – radio broadcast

January 30, 1970

The John Surman Trio – radio broadcast

Recorded January 30, 1970, Jazzhaus Hamburg unissued

John Surman, reeds; Barre Phillips, bass; Stu Martin, drums

Foyer Hall (Martin) 14:15

Silvercloud (Phillips) 12:43

Joachim (Martin) 9:54

In Between (Surman) 12:05

Caractacus (Surman) 13:37

Tallness (Surman) 19:01

Dee Tune (Surman) 11:11

Porte des Lilas (Cooke) 10:47

B. L. (Phillips) 4:21

Spikenard (Phillips) 3:27



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    Many thanks for this post, most appreciated.

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