McLaughlin/Surman/Berger/Martin/Holland – ‘Where Fortune Smiles’

May 10, 1970

McLaughlin/Surman/Berger/Martin/Holland – ‘Where Fortune Smiles’

Recorded May 1970, New York City Dawn DNLS 3018 (UK), Pye 12103 [LP], BGO CD191 (UK), One Way OW 29312 [CD]

John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones; John McLaughlin, guitar; Karl Berger, vibraphone; Dave Holland, bass; Stu Martin, drums

Glancing Backwards (Surman) 8:54

Earth Bound Hearts (McLaughlin) 4:15

Where Fortune Smiles (Surman) 4:01

New Place, Old Place (McLaughlin) 10:24

Hope (McLaughlin) 7:19

Jazz Journal review; advert; a 2-CD set called ‘John Surman and Friends: The Dawn Sessions’ (Sequel NEE CD 302) includes both this set and ‘Stu Martin/John Surman: Live at Woodstock Town Hall’ (for details of which see below)


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