Various artists – ‘Remembering ’70’

June 27, 1970

Various artists – ‘Remembering ’70’

Recorded in Dortmund, Altena and Iserlohn 1970  JG Records JG 24/25 (LP)

Four City Seven and One
Blackbirds of Paradise
Sidewalk Hot Jazz Orchestra
Niels Unbehagen Quartett

Dave Pike Set
Rüdiger Schulz Quartett
Jan Huydts Trio und Theo Lovendie

Wolfgang Dauner Trio
Alexander v. Schlippenbach Trio
John Surman Trio + Alan Skidmore – Dee Tune
Alan Skidmore – tenor and soprano saxophones; John Surman – baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Barre Phillips – bass; Stu Martin – drums

Champion Jack Dupree
Xhol Caravan

although there is no conclusive evidence, it is likely that the Trio track on this set derives from the Internationales New Jazz Meeting auf Burg Altena on 26 June 1970 (also featured on JG21/22 – above)


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