Alan Skidmore Quintet – ‘TCB’

October 21, 1970

Alan Skidmore Quintet – ‘TCB’

Recorded October 21, 1970, Philips Studio, London Philips 6308041 (UK) [LP], Philips UCCM-9140 (Japan) [CD]

Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone; John Taylor, piano, electric piano; Chris Laurence, bass; Tony Levin, drums; with John Surman, soprano saxophone on 4-7; Mike Osborne, alto saxophone on 4-7

Jack Knife (Surman) 7:58

Lantern Wood (Warren) 10:00

One On One Off (Warren) 6:56

T.C.B. (Skidmore) 7:30

Walk In And Dance Out (Osborne) 6:12

A.J. (Surman) 3:38

And Think Again (Taylor) 2:44


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