The Trio – radio broadcast

October 24, 1970

The Trio – radio broadcast

Recorded October 24, 1970, Prague, 7th Tschechoslowakisches Jazzfestival 1970 unissued

John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones; Barre Phillips, bass; Stu Martin, drums

Billie the Kid (Martin) 0:46

Nuts (Martin) 4:10

Let’s Stand (Phillips) 1:14

Foyer Hall (Martin) 2:58

Dousing Rod (Phillips/Surman) 2:42

Unknown title 5:42

Caractacus (Surman) 5:22


A note on the titles: those announced from the stage are “Billie the Kid” “Let’s Stand” “Foyer Hall” “In Between” “Silvercloud” and “Caractacus”, but as with many Trio gigs of this period the band improvised around recognisable themes, rather than replicating tunes. Consequently, pieces come and go and turn into each other, making the identification of set lists difficult (or even futile) – hence the number of tracks identified only as ‘Unknown title’.


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