Rolf Kühn Jazzgroup – ‘Going To The Rainbow’

December 15, 1970

Rolf Kühn Jazzgroup – ‘Going To The Rainbow’

Recorded December 14 & 15, 1970, Cornet Studios, Cologne BASF CRC008 (Germany) [LP], Teochiku Records UPS-548-B (Japan) [LP]

Rolf Kühn, clarinet; Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, electric piano; Joachim Kühn, piano, organ; Chick Corea, electric piano; Peter Warren, bass; Tony Oxley, drums

Houndhouse Rock (R. Kühn) 4:50

Sad Ballade (J. Kühn) 3:39

T. C. B. (Skidmore) 9:45

Going To The Rainbow (R. Kühn) 12:55

Racing It Down (Surman) 6:55

Re-issued in 1978 as Rolf Kühn – Chick Corea – Joachim Kühn ‘Creaction’ Acanta cc23.097 (Germany) [LP], Century Records CECC-00695, Vavan Media H25W20105 (Japan) [CD]


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