‘Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath’

January 9, 1971

‘Chris McGregor’s Brotherhood Of Breath’

Recorded January 9, 1971, London RCA Neon NE2 [LP] Repertoire REP4468-WP (Germany) [CD]

Mongezi Feza, pocket trumpet, Indian flute; Harry Beckett, trumpet; Mark Charig, cornet; Malcolm Griffiths, Nick Evans, trombone; Dudu Pukwana, alto saxophone; Mike Osborne, alto saxophone, clarinet; Ronnie Beer, tenor saxophone, Indian flute; Alan Skidmore, tenor and soprano saxophones; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones; Chris McGregor, piano, African xylophone; Harry Miller, bass; Louis Moholo, drums
Mra (Pukwana) 4:58

Davashe’s Dream (Davashe) 7:25

The Bride (Pukwana) 7:35

Andromeda (McGregor) 4:05

Night Poem (McGregor) 20:37

Union Special (McGregor) 1:42

Jazz Journal review


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