The Trio – ‘By Contact’

April 17, 1971

The Trio – ‘By Contact’

Recorded April 16-17, 1971, Tangerine Studios, London Nippon Columbia YS-2733-AX (JP) [LP] Ogun OG529 (UK) [LP]

John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, cornet; Barre Phillips, bass; Stu Martin, drums

Flyover (Surman) 10:40

Open Brown (Phillips) 12:10

Utah, Oregon (Martin) 6:00

Noninka (Martin) 7:40

Cant (Phillips) 6:00

In The Round (Martin/Phillips/Surman) 5:00

The first issue of this album outside of Japan was the Ogun release in 1987. The credits on that disc give the recording date as 1979, but this is  a misprint.


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