Mike Westbrook – Citadel/Room 315

March 22, 1975

Mike Westbrook – Citadel/Room 315

Recorded March 21-22, 1975, Phonogram Studios, London RCA SF8433 (UK) [LP], RCA ND74987 (UK) [CD], BGO CD713 (UK) [CD]

Nigel Carter, Derek Healey, Henry Lowther, Kenny Wheeler, trumpet, fluegelhorn; Malcolm Griffiths, trombone; Paul Rutherford, trombone, euphonium; Alf Reece (1, 4-6, 8-11), Geoff Perkins (2, 3, 7), bass trombone; Mike Page, alto saxophone, flute, bass clarinet; Alan Wakeman, tenor and soprano saxophones, clarinet; John Holbrooke, tenor saxophone, flute; John Warren, baritone saxophone, flute; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Brian Godding, guitar; Dave MacRae, piano, electric piano (2, 8-10); Chris Laurence, bass, bass guitar; Alan Jackson, drums; John Mitchell, percussion; Mike Westbrook, music director, electric piano (2, 4, 5)

Overture (Westbrook) 1:40

Construction (Westbrook) 7:36

Pistache (Westbrook) 3:03

View From The Drawbridge (Westbrook) 8:42

Love And Understanding (Westbrook) 8:41

Tender Love (Westbrook) 3:08

Bebop De Rigueur (Westbrook) 4:39

Pastorale (Westbrook) 11:43

Sleepwalker Awaking In Sunlight (Westbrook) 6:44

Outgoing Song (Westbrook) 5:05

Finale (Westbrook) 0:37


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