SOS and friends – radio broadcast

July 24, 1975

John Surman Group – radio broadcast

Recorded July 24, 1975, La Pinède Gould, Juan-le-Pins, Antibes

John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophone, bass clarinet, vocals; Alan Skidmore, tenor saxophone, vocals; Dieter Feichtner, synthesiser; Barre Phillips, bass, vocals; Tony Levin, drums

possibly Mike Osborne, alto saxophone (on Mountain Home); Stu Martin, drums

Falling (Surman) 5:42/Mountainscapes (Phillips) 17:56 (from 3:52-6:48 Surman and Skidmore play “Caractacus”)/Unknown Title 8:37

Mountain Home (Surman) 4:04

Country Dance (Surman) 19:22/Flyover (Surman) 3:19


Most collectors list this as S.O.S. and include Mike Osborne in the line-up. It’s by no means apparent that there is a third saxophone, and Osborne is similarly absent on the recording of the 9 July concert in Siegendorff. Stu Martin is also listed, but it is by no means certain that he is present.

The radio announcements do not sound as though they come from a single broadcast.

Peter Losin notes that “the first group of three titles is announced as “Falling,” the last pair as “Country Dance” and “Silvercloud.” Osborne may play only on “Mountain Home” — the fragment of an announcement following the tune mentions SOS, though the rhythm section is clearly audible. These performances are probably not all from the same day. From the sound of the music, Levin is the drummer on the first medley, and Martin on the second.”


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