Mumps – ‘A Matter Of Taste’

March 19, 1977

Mumps – ‘A Matter Of Taste’

Recorded March 13-19, 1977, Tonstudio Zuckerfabrik, Stuttgart MPS 68.169 [LP]

Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone, guitar, voice; John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, piano, synthesizer; Barre Phillips, bass, voice; Stu Martin, drums, synthesizer

A Matter Of Taste (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 8:32

Old Love Never Rusts (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 4:24

Amber (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 2:10

Electric Waltz (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 5:01

Sparrow Knows (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 5:52

The Strange Tale Of Mr. Misster (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 4:22

But The Accordion Stays (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 9:17


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