Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting – radio broadcast

December 1, 1977

Baden-Baden Free Jazz Meeting – radio broadcast
Recorded 1 December 1977, Kurfürstliches Schloss, Mainz, Germany

Tomasz Stanko, trumpet; Albert Mangelsdorff, trombone; Johnny Griffin, tenor saxophone; John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophone, synthesiser; Stan Tracey, piano; Attila Zoller, guitar; Barre Phillips, bass; Motoharu Yoshizawa, bass; Stu Martin, drums; Karin Krog, vocal

Beans Dance (Yoshizawa) 4.01
Surman, Phillips, Stanko, Griffin, Zoller, Tracey, Yoshizawa

Number Three (Hancock) 13.03
Krog, Surman, Mangelsdorff, Tracey, Yoshizawa, Martin

Double A (Mangelsdorff/Zoller) 9.59
Zoller, Mangelsdorff

Things Are Getting’ Better 4.25
Krog, Griffin, Tracey, Phillips, Martin

When We Were One 6.39
Krog, Griffin, Tracey, Phillips, Martin, Surman

For Export Only 4:39
Surman, Tracey

AER (Phillips) 11.04
Zoller, Stanko, Griffin, Mangelsdorff, Surman, Phillips, Martin, Tracey, Krog, Yoshizawa

Sparrow Knows (Martin/Mangelsdorff/Phillips/Surman) 6.01
Surman, Mangelsdorff, Phillips, Martin

The Opener 4:13
Tracey, Stanko, Surman, Martin, Phillips, Mangelsdorff

Newfane Valley 9.05
Zoller, Krog, Phillips, Surman

Moto Barre [inc.] (Phillips/Yoshizawa) 2.36
Yoshizawa, Phillips

Doin’ It For Art 6.15
Griffin, Tracey, Martin, Phillips

Number Two [inc.] 7.08
Mangelsdorff, Stanko, Martin, Griffin, Surman, Phillips, Tracey


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