The Chris McGregor Septet – ‘Up To Earth’

recorded c. 1969, Sound Techniques, London Fledg’ling FLED 3069 (cd)

Mongezi Feza, pocket trumpet; Dudu Pukwana, alto saxophone; Evan Parker, tenor saxophone; John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophones, clarinet and bass clarinet; Chris McGregor, piano; Barre Phillips, double bass (1, 3); Danny Thompson: double bass (2, 4); Louis Moholo, drums

Moonlight Aloe (Chris McGregor) 10:42
Yickytickee (Chris McGregor) / Union Special (Chris McGregor) 8:34
Up To Earth (Chris McGregor) 7:20
Years Ago Now (Chris McGregor / Louis Moholo) 11:20

This set was originally scheduled as Polydor (UK) 583072 LP. Ten test-pressings are reputed to have been made before the project was shelved. The first two tracks circulated on bootlegs along with three tracks from the McGregor/Phillips/Moholo trio set now released as ‘Our Prayer’.