John Surman Quartet – concert recording

Recorded 17 April 1972, Grass Roots Club, The Swan, Stockwell unissued

John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet; Stan Tracey, piano; Harry Miller, bass; Louis Moholo, drums

unknown titles


The John Surman Quartet – tv broadcast

Recorded August 1969, Ronnie Scott’s, London; broadcast on ‘Jazz Scene At The Ronnie Scott Club’ 1969 unissued

Mike Osborne, alto saxophone; John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophones; Harry Miller, double bass; Alan Jackson, drums; Ronnie Scott, master of ceremonies

Play-on (Surman)

El Vino (Surman)

Slightly Oliver (Surman)

Play-out (Surman)

Subbed (Osborne)

Caractacus (Surman)


February 25, 1969

Gig: John Surman Quartet – 25 February 1969 Imperial College, London, with Mike Osborne, Harry Miller and Alan Jackson.

Thanks to Bob Davenport for this information

Recorded 1 September 1965, Plymouth

John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophones; Mike Westbrook, piano; Ken Foster, bass; Stuart Hutchinson, drums (1); Gordon Clarke, drums (2,3); Penny Weekes, percussion (2)

Blues de Camera (Westbrook)

A Night In Tunisia (Gillespie)

The Furore (Surman)

A note in Jazz Journal 25/9 (September 1972) by John Voder details the album as ‘a private album recorded in Plymouth, September 1, 1956. Probably only 20-30 copies were pressed’. In 1956 Surman was 12, and 1965 or 1966 are surely the correct dates. At least one copy of this recording exists, in the collection of  Folkishienne aka Audio Grail, who was kind enough to provide the photograph reproduced here.