Karin Krog – ‘Cloud Line Blue’

Recorded 1977-78, Riverside Recordings, London, and Talent Studios, Oslo Polydor 2382 093 (Germany) [LP], Poljazz PSJ-82 (Poland) [LP] P-Vine PCD-22063 (Japan) [CD], Meantime 11 (Norway) [CD]

Karin Krog, voice; John Surman, soprano and baritone saxophones, bass clarinet, synthesizers, guitar, piano; Janet Cooke, piano on 1, 4, string ensemble on 1, 3, 4, 5; Stu Martin, drums on 2, 4, 7

Alone Song (Surman/Rowlands) 4:23

New Spring (Surman/Payne/Martin/Rowlands) 6:53

Eyeless In Movement (Surman/Krog/Rowlands) 6:26

Jonathan (Surman/Krog/Martin/Rowlands) 7:25

Empty Streets (Surman/Rowlands) 4:12

Cloud Line Blue (Surman/Krog/Rowlands) 8:52

Edge Piece (Surman/Martin/Rowlands) 2:53

Poljazz PSJ-82 credits the album to Karin Krog and has an alternate sleeve to all subsequent releases. Track 5 is included on the compilation Karin Krog: Jubilee: The Best Of 30 Years (Verve 523716-2 [2CD])


Karin – tv broadcast

December 2, 1977

Karin – tv broadcast

Broadcast 1977 (Norway)

With Karin Krog, John Surman, Jan Garbarek, Carla Bley, etc.

Details unknown