John Surman/Stan Tracey – concert recording

Recorded 8 July 1978, South Hill Park, Bracknell; Crovis broadcast on BBC Radio 3, 28 May 1979 unissued

John Surman, reeds; Stan Tracey, piano

Unknown Title 11:27

Crovis 9:29

Three Against One (Surman/Tracey) 13:38

Summer Hobo (Surman/Tracey) 6:02

Unknown Title [cut] 5:39

Unknown Title 5:05

The broadcast of ‘Crovis’ (in a compilation of various sets from Bracknell 1978 introduced by Ronnie Scott) suggests a radio recording of this concert; the copy I have heard is an audience recording


John Surman/Stan Tracey – ‘Sonatinas’

Recorded 24-25 April 1978, South Hill Park Arts Center, Bracknell, England Steam SJ 106 (UK) [LP]

John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet, recorder, synthesizers; Stan Tracey, piano, synthesizers

Escape From Waterloo (Surman/Tracey) 10:05

Three Against One (Surman/Tracey) 6:25

Still On The Run (Surman/Tracey) 4:20

Murphy’s Dream (Surman/Tracey) 3:40

Fleeting Glances (Surman/Tracey) 8:00

Summer Hobo (Surman/Tracey) 5:55

Chalk Blue (Surman/Tracey) 5:00

Ominoso (Surman/Tracey) 8:05

all tracks except track 1 are included on the CD Stan Tracey: Duets, Blue Note (UK) CDP 789450