Stu Martin/John Surman – ‘Live At Woodstock Town Hall’

Recorded Spring 1975, Woodstock, New York Dawn DNLS 3072 (UK), Pye 12114 [LP] Beat Goes On BGOCD290 (UK) [CD]

John Surman, baritone and soprano saxophones, bass clarinet; Stu Martin, drums, synthesizer

Harry Lovett, Man Without A Country (Martin/Surman) 4:49

Are You Positive You’re Negative? (Martin/Surman) 7:22

Wrested In Mustard (Martin/Surman) 4:36

Professor’s Goodly’s Implosion Machine (Martin/Surman) 7:10

Master Of Disaster (Martin/Surman) 7:30

Don’t Leave Me Like This (Martin/Surman) 5:07

A 2-CD set called ‘John Surman and Friends: The Dawn Sessions’ (Sequel NEE CD 302) includes both this set and ‘McLaughlin/Surman/et al: Where Fortune Smiles’ (for details of which see above).